Michael Thompson

Dr. Michael Thompson, a renowned Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Austin, TX, is the visionary founder of Pets Food Safety, dedicated to guiding pet owners with science-backed nutritional insights for the well-being of our furry companions.

Dr. Michael Thompson, based in Austin, Texas, is a passionate and committed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and the Founder and Leading Veterinarian of Pets Food Safety.

With an enduring passion for animal welfare and nutrition, Michael is driven by the mission to ensure pets achieve optimal health through proper and safe nutrition. His extensive expertise in veterinary medicine is complemented by his deep knowledge of animal nutrition and welfare.

Michael founded Pets Food Safety with the goal of being the go-to resource for science-based, comprehensive, and accurate information regarding the safety of various food items for pets. Under his guidance, a team of dedicated veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and pet behaviorists collaborates to deliver meticulously researched and fact-checked guides on safe and nourishing food options for pets. Michael’s commitment to transparency and community engagement reflects his aspiration to educate and empower pet owners in making informed nutritional decisions for their pets, thereby promoting the well-being of pets everywhere.

Michael Thompson's Curriculum

Pets Food Safety

  • December 2022 – Present
  • Role: DVM, Founder, and Leading Veterinarian
  •  Responsibilities:
    • Overseeing the research and publication of comprehensive guides on pet food safety.
    • Leading a dynamic team of veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and pet behaviorists.
    • Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of all published content.
    • Engaging with the community to enhance service offerings based on feedback and suggestions.

Texas A&M University

  • August 2002 – May 2006
  • Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Michael Thompson's Certificates

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

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